COVID-19 Update: Job Keeper Payment Announcement

As most of you would be aware, the Federal Government announced a further range of measures to help combat the financial effect of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The Job Keeper Payment is designed to give businesses $1,500 per fortnight to pay the wages of each eligible employee.

Attached below is a fact sheet giving further details of the package.

We recommend that, if you employ staff, you register for the package.

You can register your interest at

We will advise you in due course as further details are provided.



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  • If the business has stood employees down and has closed. There is no money to outlay this payment while waiting for funding. Are business able to start the payments and backdate employees once the first payment of funding has gone to the employer?

    • If the employees have been stood down (not fired/resigned/redundancy) they are still on the payroll and leave continues to accrue.

      Given the turnover will have dropped by more than 30% then the business will receive the $1,500 p/fortnight. This must be paid over to the employee Pre-tax) and no super is required to be paid on this. No further payment is required until they are no longer been stood down.

      If you are intending to pay them wages, then you need to continue to report the wages (and PAYGW) and get the withholding reimbursed (up to $50,000 by June), however this will require you to pay the net wages to the employee. If the wages are less than $1,500 p/fortnight then the employee must still receive $1,500. If the wages are more than $1,500 then you are obliged to continue to pay the reported wages. In other words the employee receives the lesser of $1,500 or the reported wage every fortnight.

  • Can a restaurant reopen selling take away food make their employees work for this money.

    • Hi Michelle,
      The idea of the job keeper payment is to keep people employed. If the restaurant reopened and sold takeaway food then you are eligible to register and claim the job keeper payment. Please note that you would need to show that your turnover has reduced by 30% and that the respective employee was on your books before closure. Also note that this has not yet been legislated and as such full details of the package have not yet been released.


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