JobKeeper changes and child care centres | Muntz Partners

As a result of a change to the rules governing JobKeeper, with the registration of Coronavirus Economic Package (Payments and Benefits Amendments (No 5) 2020, JobKeeper payments will stop for child care operators from 20 July 2020. This includes sole traders operating a child care service.

More specifically, eligibility for JobKeeper payments will stop from 20 July 2020 for:

  • employees of an approved provider of child care services where their ordinary duties are that they are engaged principally in the operation of the child care centre; and
  • eligible business participants where the business entity is an approved provider of a child care service.

Childcare providers need to ensure that they do not claim JobKeeper for employees and eligible business participants who are no longer eligible.

Given that JobKeeper payments are made by the ATO in arrears, this will mean that child care centres will not be reimbursed for payments made after JobKeeper Fortnight 8 (6 July to 19 July).

For more information please refer to the ATO website.



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